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Power of Collaboration: CAT Next GEN 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator with Engcon EC209 Tiltrotator

Introducing the latest innovation in construction equipment - the CAT 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator equipped with an Engcon EC209 tiltrotator. This partnership between Engcon and CAT aims to revolutionise efficiency and performance in the construction industry. In this blog post, we delve into the advanced features of the CAT 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator and the enhancements brought by the Engcon EC209 tiltrotator, showcasing the synergistic benefits of this collaboration.

CAT Next Generation 309 CR VAB with Engcon EC209 Tiltrotator installed

CAT 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator Overview:

The CAT 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator stands out for its cutting-edge technology and hydraulic systems, meticulously engineered to enhance performance and productivity on job sites. Its high-flow hydraulic system, equipped with a dedicated auxiliary hydraulic pump, ensures consistent pressure for power-hungry attachments like mulchers and brushcutters. This robust hydraulic setup enables seamless multitasking, allowing simultaneous travel and multifunctional operations without any loss of hydraulic power, thus maximising productivity.

Advanced Features and Benefits:

  • Next Generation Monitor: An intuitive interface providing customisable operator settings and easy-to-read machine information, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

  • Stick Steer Travel Mode: Simplifies manoeuvrability with the push of a button, seamlessly transitioning between traditional travel controls and joystick controls, thereby reducing operator fatigue and improving control precision.

  • Auto Idle and Auto Engine Shutdown:Features aimed at minimising fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to lower operating costs and environmental sustainability.

  • Additional Enhancements: The CAT 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator boasts several additional features, including a central auto-lubrication system, a variable-angle boom, custom fabricated brackets, and extra LED lighting, all of which increase versatility, ease of use, and operational efficiency.

MIG2 joystick fitted to CAT 309 CR

Installation of Engcon Advancements:

We installed several Engcon advancements on this CAT machine to further enhance its performance and versatility, ensuring it meets the demands of modern construction projects. These include:

  • EC-Oil top hitch: Facilitating quick and efficient tool changes, thus minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

  • EC209 tiltrotator with a gripper: Enhancing manoeuvrability and precision, allowing operators to tackle complex tasks with ease and accuracy.

  • DC2 control system: Offering superior control and functionality, ensuring seamless integration with the machine's operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

  • MIG2 joysticks: Providing intuitive operation, allowing operators to work with greater comfort and precision for extended periods.

  • Full QSC: Enabling seamless attachment and tool changes, further optimising workflow efficiency and productivity.

Application at Dodington Park:

Dodington Park, a Georgian-era estate in South Gloucestershire, will benefit from the CAT machine's capabilities for necessary renovations and improvements. With its rich historical significance and architectural heritage, Dodington Park requires meticulous attention to detail and precision in its restoration efforts. The CAT Next GEN 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator with the Engcon EC209 tiltrotator installed will play a crucial role in these endeavours, allowing the civils team to execute tasks with precision and efficiency, thus preserving the estate's legacy for future generations to appreciate.

The implementation of the CAT 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator with the Engcon EC209 tiltrotator marks a significant milestone in construction technology and innovation. Through the integration of advanced features, we have created a solution that not only enhances operational efficiency and productivity but also upholds environmental sustainability and historical preservation. Contact us to learn more about how this innovative solution, with Engcon advancements installed, can elevate your projects to new heights.


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