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FORST TR8 ... A Little Different.

Latest addition to our growing fleet of arboricultural equipment. We decided we needed to invest in a new 8" tracked machine allowing us to provide our customers with unrivalled performance and reliability out in the field. We decided to continue our relationship with Redwood Global and Forst Wood Chippers by purchasing a new TR8.

We have operated a mixed fleet of various manufactures of wood chippers in the past, we have found that Forst's reliability and build quality is next to none in the market at this point in time. Forst have made it very easy to access all areas of the machine including the engine bay and mainly the flywheel allowing us to check and replace the blades with ease, the addition of the central greasing point really reduces workshop and maintenance down time.

Our customers have always given us fantastic feedback on our previous TR8 machines, giving us feedback on the machines superior chipping performance and ease of use making it a great machine to operate.

For this latest addition we though we would go with something a little different when it came the to look of this machine, wanting it to stand out we decided to go with a camo theme using our company colours. The inclusion of the of the dinosaur eye and aggressive teeth making sure the machines "beast"like nature is also reflected in its looks as well as performance.

For more information on this machine please contact us -

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