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Predator 28RX Clutch Replacement

P R E D A T O R 2 8 R X

Predator 28rx clutch replacement

Today we was called out to a predator 28RX, a very cool machine indeed. It being radio controlled and all, its like a little robot that smashes anything in its way! I mean who needs to build a robot for "Robot Wars", you could just buy one of these right?!

So the problem was the cutting wheel would just stop dead when it went munching in the stump too hard. It was narrowed the issue down to the clutch.

Changing the clutch itself is not rocket science, any one with the right tools could do it. First whip the guard off that covers the clutch, this wasn't present when i arrived on site. Customer said something like, "it was rattling, so it was torn off and thrown somewhere". I then slackened the drive belts by undoing those four big ass bolts around the engine, then the adjuster bolt on the end and it will slowly shift the engine forwards to slacken those belts.

Predator 28RX Clutch Change ARBGEAR First Wood Chipper

For this bit you will need a "big fat torque gun". I used Makita 3/4" Impact Gun, what an animal it is aswell. Took the main shaft bolt out with it, its tight but no match for MAKITA!

Next step it to unplug it, theres only the one wire on this, once that is done, use your SUPERMAN strength to pull it off the engine shaft!

When that does not work, like it didn't for me because its been on a while. Grab a pulley extractor to help loosen it up, then it will just slide off.

Once you've taken the old clutch off, slowly and carefully launch 🚀 it in the scrap pile. If you don't have a scrap pile, best start one...

Then i refitted the new clutch in reverse order, remember "righty tighty".

Tighten the belts back up, with about 10-15mm of slack and the four big ass bolts to make sure it doesn't move. Fit your guard back on and test it out!

If the cutting wheel does not spin, you've cocked up somewhere. Luckily it worked for me "yay". There wasn't any stumps about for me to fully test it on, so i'll leave that for the customer.

Then time to wash my hands, put the tools away and finally reply to the misses text from 5 hours ago. Good day!

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