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The Importance Of Genuine Parts

When it comes to spare parts there is no replacement for genuine parts directly from the manufacturer. Let's go through some of the many points that make genuine parts far superior when it comes to spares for your machine.


Strength and the ability to continue working long after any knock-off would fail, this is what comes to mind when you think of genuine parts. These qualities guarantee that the item will stand the test of time, which when it comes to your work machines, is the most important thing. Needless to say only genuine parts can ensure these qualities for your machine.


Parts that are genuine have one thing in common that no imitation part can ever have, they are manufactured in the same factories and the same production lines as the machine they are made more. When you buy genuine parts you are not buying something close to or similar to the part you need, you are buying an exact replacement for the part you need. The materials and manufacturing process used will greatly change the quality of the part produced. This means using an imitation part can look the same but vary drastically from the original.


Some people prefer to buy imitation parts for their machines, thinking they are saving money because the initial cost of the part is cheaper. But the issues arise when your part breaks, have you ever bought a knock-off product that came with a warranty? The answer is typically no, this is because the seller cannot guarantee the quality and longevity of the part they are selling you.

Manufactures have confidence in their products and so offer warranty on their parts. This takes the hassle and the cost out of replacement parts.

Money Saving

Having to repair your machine all the time is not just annoying, it can cost a lot of money. Obviously you have the cost of the replacement part, but you also have the cost of your machine not being available to do the work you bought it for. If you find you have to replace a specific part more than usual, this is most likely because imitation parts have been used to repair the machine initially. At first glance it may seem like you are saving money on your repair by purchasing knock-off parts, but in the long run you will often find it works out as more expensive.

I hope this post has helped you understand the benefits of buying high quality parts any time you need to repair your machine. So next time you need a part, make sure it is genuine.

Arbgear Team 🌲

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