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Predator 50RX Major Service.

We have had a predator 50R in this week for a major service. The 50R is a remote controlled, Hatz powered 50HP stump grinder with Hydraulic powered cutting head and dozer blade for removing and clearing some of the biggest stumps the UK has to offer.

Predator Stump Grinder 50 RX in for a major service at arbgear.
Predator 50 RX Stump Grinder

This beast has been to our workshops this week for a major service carried out by our service team.

Hatz air cooled engine being cleaned.
Hatz air cooled engine

Firstly our team removed all the engine covers, which make up the Hatz engines cooling system. Due to the nature of the job, debris can build up behind these panels reducing the cooling efficiency of the system.

The customer mentioned that the machine was suffering from slow starting. This lead us to look at the electrical system, starting with the starter motor. The team removed the motors brushes, cleaned them and replaced them. They next moved onto looking at the battery connections which were also removed and cleaned, making sure to be retightened correctly. They wiring was also checked for loose connections and broken wires.

Stump grinder hydraulic oil, oils and fuel filters were replaced.
Midlands Predator Service Centre

The plug was removed from the engine sum allowing the engine oil to flow while the team moved on to pumping out the hydraulic oil. It's important to replace the hydraulic oil according to the service schedule to maintain the life of the hydraulic system.

Oil, Hydraulic and fuel filters were next on the list to be removed and replaced. Blowing the fuel lines back to tank, this removing any debris that might have built up in the fuel lines. Oils were then filled back up, making sure the correct levels were observed.

Predator stump grinder parts online

Next on the list was the working end of the machine, the cutting wheel. It was checked from play in the bearings and the joints.

The cutting wheel motor was removed to show the shaft, this was checked for damage and the build up of grease was removed from the housing. Finally the teeth were checked, replacing the blunt ones.

hydraulic pressure test being completed on a stump grinder cutting wheel

The final steps of this service are to test the functionality. Pressure testing the hydraulic system making sure everything was as it should be. The team then moved to checked the speed of the cutting head and its movement, adjusting it according, making sure the engine, bearings and frame isn't being stressed more than is intended.

The last part of our service is to wash and grease this 50R, this beast is now ready to get back to busting stumps!

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