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47 & 60 HP Compact Tractor | YM-Series

The YM-series really shows off Yanmar’s Japanese manufacturing excellence, a stage V-compliant engine and a mechanical transmission delivering unprecedented power and performance. Available in 47 or 60 HP and as a ROPS.

Designed To Perform, Built To Last

A Stage V compliant common rail engine and fully synchronised mechanical transmission are the beating heart of the new Yanmar YM-series compact tractors.

5 Year Tractor Warranty

Unrivalled Power Train Pairing 

That is precisely what Yanmar delivers with the YM359. A stage V compliant 3.3L engine that is powerful enough to tackle even the toughest applications and terrains. Combined with a mechanical transmission that is quiet, smooth, and easy to operate.

This unique Yanmar power train pairing results in a compact tractor that provides the low-end torque required for traction applications, and a top speed that allows the tractor to move quickly between sites and jobs.

YM3 Front
YM3 Closeup

Powerful & Proven Engine

A powerful and proven Yanmar direct injection common rail engine with 47 or 60 HP is the beating heart of the Yanmar YM-Series compact tractor.

The stage V compliant engines are designed to provide the most performance, most power, and most reliability while delivering the least possible environmental impact.

12x12 Mechanical Transmission

A fully synchronised 12 x 12 mechanical transmission provides smooth shifting throughout the speed range, giving this tractor low-speed torque and high-speed travel where they are required.

12x12 Transmission
YM3 Shredder


Go anywhere and do anything with Yanmar’s YM-Series compact tractors, they can be tailored to suit your needs.


A range of implement and tyre options means that they can be “custom-built” to deliver optimum performance and profit on the field or on the street.

2 Models, Too Impressive

Choose the power best suited to you.

YM3 Right

YM347 (47 HP)

The Yanmar YM-Series as a ROPS

YM3 Left

YM359 (60 HP)

The Yanmar YM-Series as a ROPS

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