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22 & 26 HP Compact Tractor | SA-Series

This compact high performing tractor offers a go-anywhere solution for a huge variety of working situations. Even more choice is provided as this series is available in 22 or 26 HP and has the option of ROPS or cabin.

The Perfect Compact Tractor

The SA-series combines future proof technology with Yanmar’s manufacturing excellence setting new standards in ease of maintenance and control, fuel economy and operator comfort.

All in a package roughly the size of a traditional garden tractor, making it the go-anywhere solution for a huge variety of working applications.

5 Year Tractor Warranty

Big In Performance, Small In Size

The Yanmar SA-series features a compact body resembling a regular garden tractor but is designed to tackle duties normally charged to much larger tractors.

Key characteristics for the SA-series compact tractor are the smooth lines of the machine packed in a compact body assuring work-anywhere capability when space is limited.

All the key engine and drivetrain components bear the Yanmar stamp of quality.

Ensuring owner’s performance, a long, trouble-free life, and the peace of mind that comes with using only the very best.

SA-Series Tractor Front
SA221R Operator 2

An Operator's Dream

This may be the smallest tractor in Yanmar’s lineup but it’s still feature packed. This includes a spacious and well-appointed operator’s area, a fully adjustable suspension seat and foldable armrests for optimum comfort.

Comfort is further enhanced by an isolation mounted engine and full-frame chassis that minimises vibration through the operator compartment.

An Engine To Rely On

Yanmar engines are renowned for their durability and extended service intervals.

When it's finally time to service or repair these engines we recommend using genuine Yanmar parts. This will ensure the engine has less downtime so you can focus on the important things.

SA221R Open
SA221R Focus 2

Built To Last

Even though it's just a bit larger than the very compact SA-221, the SA-424 packs a punch. Making it the ideal compact tractor for demanding duties on larger properties or difficult terrain.

Don't be fooled by their size, these tractors can pull their weight.

1 Series, 4 Impressive Models

Choose the power and type best suited to you.


SA-221 (22HP) | SA-424 (26HP)

The Yanmar SA-Series as a ROPS

SA424 Cabin

SA-221 (22HP) | SA-424 (26HP)

The Yanmar SA-Series as a cabin

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